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What Are Metabolic Meds and Vitamins?

When you are on a weight loss journey, many factors can help to optimize your results. At Fast Clinical Weight Loss & Body Renew, our team is proud to offer a variety of metabolic medications and vitamins to help boost your metabolism and enhance your weight loss progress. Regardless of how much weight you want to lose, metabolic medications and vitamins can help improve your body's functioning so you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible. We encourage you to contact our Avon, IN practice to learn about the range of available metabolic medications and vitamins to aid you on your journey.

What Should I Expect With Metabolic Meds and Vitamins?

Your appointment will start with a private consultation at our Avon, IN practice where we will perform a medical evaluation and physical. We will review your health, medical history, and weight loss goals. He will also want to discuss any previous attempts at weight loss and what may have hindered your progress in the past. From there, we will determine which metabolic medications and vitamins best suit your needs and create a customized plan to optimize your health to help you reach your goals. We will monitor your progress during your follow-up appointments and adjust your medications and vitamins if needed to ensure success.

I have been going to this clinic for years. The staff is amazing. NP Jackie is by far the personable physician whos care I have ever been under. SHE LISTENS!! COMPREHENDS!! And this woman has me on a weight loss overall body health transformation that no other physician has been ale to do. I decided to write this review on a whim. Go and see what I mean. She was born to help everyone. Not just women. Men com to her. I have seen it. I am down almost over 50lbs. Thank you Dr. Jackie for listening and encouraging and always having the most welcoming spirit with me on my journey. Photos to come

K.B. Google

Great service

T. Google

I feel compelled to leave a review here from the perspective of a current patient. First, let me say, I did not take the decision to lose weight lightly - I did my homework and reviewed several programs before deciding to come here. It took me almost a year to take that first step. I knew I needed guidance and a program that was simple to use. I wanted a physician-based program and not the 'diet of the month' club approach. The minute after I had my consultation with the physician and his team, I knew then it just 'felt right' and it was time. To be honest, the first two weeks were a bit of a challenge - drinking more water, eating small snacks, etc. - but I got the hang of it. They say, if you follow the program, you'll see results - and I did. More importantly than seeing the results, I felt better. I can go up the stairs now without huffing. I sleep better. I read a quote once that I never forgot, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." And that's true. If you follow the program, if you focus on what you gain vs. what you can't eat, you will see results. If Goggle had a rating of 100 stars, I would select that for this program, the physician, and his team.

P.M. Google

Today was my first day. And they were so sweet and spent time with me. They explained everything that I had questions about.Everyone was so friendly. I'm so excited to start my new journey with them.

A.A. Google

I started the program in August of 2021. I weighed 290 lbs. I went in for my 6 month check up last week and I weighed in at 229. I am 54 lbs. away from my goal. I have dropped 3 pants sizes and went from a 3xl in shirts to a 1x. I feel so much better and I'm almost 50 yrs old. Never say never or that it can't be done because you're to old. I'm proof !!

J.F. Facebook


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Optimize Your Efforts

Reaching your goals is not always easy, but success is possible with metabolic medication and vitamins to help optimize your health and enhance your weight loss efforts. At Fast Clinical Weight Loss & Body Renew, we are proud to offer a wide range of metabolic medications and vitamins to boost your metabolism and help you reach your weight loss goals. Contact our Avon, IN practice today to schedule an initial consultation to see which metabolic medications and vitamins best meet your needs.

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