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What Are Behavior Changes?

Losing weight can be challenging. Even with a regular diet and exercise regimen, roadblocks may be holding you back from reaching and maintaining your goals. Often, the issues that keep us from achieving our goals are not physical blockades but mental ones. To make lasting changes, you must first adjust your thoughts and behaviors. We are proud to offer a comprehensive weight loss program that includes a psychological screening to help you identify any behavioral patterns hindering your progress. Reach out to Fast Clinical Weight Loss & Body Renew in Avon, IN to learn more about how behavior changes can optimize your weight loss success.

What Are the Benefits of Behavior Changes?

When it comes to achieving sustainable weight loss, making behavior changes can be incredibly impactful. Shifting your mindset and approach to food, exercise, and overall lifestyle plays a crucial role in this journey. It's not just about the physical aspect of weight loss; your attitude, thoughts, and feelings regarding food and weight control are equally important. By focusing on these psychological and emotional factors, you can cultivate a healthier relationship with food, develop positive habits, and ultimately create a supportive environment for lasting weight management. Some benefits of making behavior changes for weight loss include:

  • Improved relationship with food
  • Increased motivation
  • Better stress management
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Sustainable habits
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Improved physical health
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better mood
  • Sense of accomplishment

What Should I Expect With Behavior Changes?

When you come for your initial consultation, we will begin by speaking with you about your medical history and weight loss goals. He will then have you take a psychological screening to help identify any emotional or nervous eating habits that may be holding you back from reaching your goals. The screening will focus on your attitude, thoughts, and feelings regarding food, weight control, and other factors involved in weight loss. After receiving your results, you will be given a personalized workbook that you can progress through at your own pace at home. The home-study workbook is designed to address each of the six issues identified in your psychological profile. You will return for regular checkups so we can monitor your progress and provide you with support throughout your weight loss journey.

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Modify Your Mindset

Weight loss is a unique journey for each person, and everyone faces their own challenges along the way. Dr. Gregory A. Oliver and Jackie Skillman, FNP, strive to help the men and women of Avon, IN optimize their results and reach their goals with psychological evaluations so they can address the mental barriers holding them back. Change starts from the inside so if you want to lose weight and haven’t been successful with diet and exercise alone, contact Fast Clinical Weight Loss & Body Renew to learn how behavior changes can help you.

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How does psychological screening help identify weight loss barriers?

Psychological screening is a critical step in our weight loss program at Fast Clinical Weight Loss & Body Renew. This screening delves into your attitudes, thoughts, and feelings regarding food, weight control, and other aspects crucial to weight loss. By identifying these barriers, we can tailor a more effective, personalized approach to overcome them, ensuring a smoother path toward your goals.

Can making behavior changes affect my relationship with food?

Absolutely. The goal of incorporating behavior changes into your weight loss journey is to fundamentally transform how you interact with food. By working through the personalized workbook provided after your psychological screening, you'll engage with exercises designed to challenge and change your existing thought patterns related to food and eating.

What support will I receive as I work through the behavior change process?

After your initial consultation and psychological screening, you will not be alone. Regular checkups are an integral part of our support system. These appointments allow us to monitor your progress, provide encouragement, and make any necessary adjustments to your plan. Our team is committed to supporting you every step of the way, ensuring you have the resources and guidance needed to succeed in your weight loss journey.

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