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What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormonal structures govern many aspects of your overall well-being, including your energy levels and sex drive. Hormonal imbalances can happen in anyone, whether due to stress, menopause, or having children. Imbalanced hormones typically lead to signs, including fatigue, low libido, insomnia, and weight gain. At Fast Clinical Weight Loss & Body Renew, we administer various types of hormone replacement therapy, including creams, injectables, and pellets, to increase your hormone levels and allow you to achieve breakthroughs in energy, libido, and mental acuity. Get in touch with our facility in Avon, IN to schedule a consultation.


What Are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy at Fast Clinical Weight Loss & Body Renew is an optimal treatment to help stabilize your hormones, improve your mood, and renew your libido. The benefits of this hormone therapy at our Avon, IN practice are:

  • Diminishing the symptoms of menopause
  • Burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass
  • Slowing or reversing baldness
  • Elevating libido and sexual performance
  • Hormones are structurally identical to those generated by your body
  • Improving your energy
  • Improving mood and diminishing mood fluctuations
  • Sharpening mental abilities
  • Improving sleep quality

Who Can Have Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is appropriate for both men and women who are experiencing common symptoms of hormonal imbalance, including changes in their sleep, mood, sexual desire, weight, and mental health. It is particularly beneficial for individuals going through menopause or andropause, as well as those who have a medical condition that has disrupted their hormone levels. At Fast Clinical Weight Loss & Body Renew, our team of experts will assess your medical history and perform a thorough evaluation before recommending hormone replacement. We will also discuss any potential risks or side effects with you before beginning treatment.

How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Work?

Your individualized hormone therapy treatment plan will be created after a thorough consultation and exam. To begin your treatment, blood work, along with more diagnostic testing, will be carried out to measure your current hormone levels. This will enable our team to provide the level and form of treatment that could be ideal for you, in addition to identifying the hormones that are imbalanced. Your procedure could vary, depending on the type of therapy that is chosen. At Fast Clinical Weight Loss & Body Renew, hormone replacement therapy is typically administered as either pellet therapy (small pellets introduced underneath the epidermis), creams, or injections. These hormones are chemically the same as your body's naturally occurring hormones.

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They have great staff! They’ve helped me to reach my goals. After reaching my goals I tried the accent prime and saw great results. I highly recommend them!

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I have been super happy with the program and the staff. Once I was ready to begin it was so simple to follow. I've had IV therapies that have boosted my energy and have surprisingly taken away pains I've had from my sciatic nerve that were crippling. I feel that the weight loss is safely coming off and I'm never disappointed at my monthly check ups. The staff are great cheerleaders and I look forward to seeing them. Im turning back time and feeling amazing. After 4 months I've lost 33 pounds and still going strong

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I had an amazing experience with Accent Prime treatment isn’t painful I can see an improvement in their skin's appearance after the 3rd treatment on my stomach. A treatment session usually takes just 20 minutes, and there’s no downtime, so i can go back to work and regular activities right away. The staffs was great.

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The Accent Prime treatments have provided visible, lasting, and wanted results to my face and neck. I tried in lieu of a face-lift. I’m happy I did.

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What Should I Expect After Hormone Therapy?

It is crucial to abide by any follow-up guidelines provided by Dr. Oliver. Patients may experience side effects such as discomfort, breakouts, hair growth, and mood swings as the body gets used to the newfound hormone levels. Throughout the course of your treatment, our team will check in with you to assess your progress. Your hormone amounts and treatment schedule can also be adjusted as necessary. Many individuals begin to feel the positive advantages of hormone therapy over a few days after the beginning of their treatment.

Feel Like Yourself Again

Aging is inevitable, but fatigue and moodiness shouldn't have to be. We invite you to book a consultation at Fast Clinical Weight Loss & Body Renew in Avon, IN to hear more details about the benefits of BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy). With this highly customized treatment, BHRT will be tailor-made to fit your needs, relieve you from imbalanced hormones, and help you feel more balanced.



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How soon will I start noticing a difference after starting hormone replacement therapy?

The speed at which hormone replacement therapy will begin to provide noticeable results in your mood, energy levels, and other aspects of your health and wellness will depend on a number of factors, including the dosage, method of delivery, and the severity of your symptoms. In some cases, patients begin to realize improvements in their unwanted symptoms after just a few weeks, while others may require 2-3 months of hormone replacement therapy to achieve their desired results.

Can hormone replacement therapy help me lose weight?

For many patients, hormone replacement therapy helps with weight loss and/or weight loss management by rebalancing the hormones that may be responsible for weight loss resistance or weight gain, boosting metabolism, and more.

What is the right age to start hormone replacement therapy?

While there is no required age for starting hormone replacement therapy, most patients turn to treatment once they start noticing the unwanted signs and symptoms of menopause (for women) or andropause (for men). Still, patients in their 40s who are struggling with symptoms of hormone imbalance may also be eligible for treatment. During your initial consultation, our team will help determine if an when hormone replacement therapy may be a safe, appropriate, and effective solution for you.

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