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DrOliverDaily Halloween Candy

I saw Halloween Candy in the stores today. Big bags full of lots of calories. Now, I don't believe that these large bags of treats are in the stores so we can buy them to pass our to the kids nearly 2 months from now on Halloween. If you buy a bag now, you'll eat the bag now. I suspect only a portion of the Halloween candy sold actually is given out to kids on October 31st. The rest is eaten in advance by America and probably not the kids. Stay away from this temptation, especially in the name of Halloween Night. Dr. Oliver

DrOliverDaily Holiday Preparation

As we near the last part of the year, now is a good time to prepare for losing, controlling, or maintaining our weight through the holiday season. We have several months to continue our weight loss strategy and can prepare how we will deal with the onslaught of holiday foods, feasts, and treats that are soon to come. A famous college coach once said "it's not the will to win that matters, it's the will to prepare to win that matters". Time to prepare.

DrOliverDaily Metabolism Lift

There are things we can do to lift our metabolism. What and when we eat, exercise, sleep, hydration, and some specific supplements and Dr. prescribed medications can get our metabolism ramped up. Our body can operate more efficiently and we can burn fat more effectively. Everything counts when it comes to getting healthy. Every little walk. Every portion we eat. Every thing we think can contribute to being healthy and lean or unhealthy. Think thinner and become thinner.

DrOliverDaily What About the Loose Skin?

When you've lost weight, what do you do with the loose skin? It's the most common question we get in our clinic after someone has dropped some significant weight. First, the older we are, the more the skin might sag. Collagen, Elastin, and Fibrin support the structure, strength, and elasticity of our skin. These proteins become diminished with aging. When excess body fat has stretched our skin and then is lost, the skin has a difficult time shrinking back to its prior size. Certainly plastic surgery can be done, but its expensive, invasive, and recovery takes time. There are current treatments that are nearly painless, can remove small pockets of remaining fat in troublesome areas, and can tighten skin by restoring collagen, elastin, and fibrin. These involve using either Ultrasound, RadioFrequency, or Laser. If this loose skin issue is bothering you, check it out with a bit of research and certainly ask a Doctor who's up to date on this.

DrOliverDaily TikTok Not a Doc

Come on! We are all smarter than that! I thought. When a patient recently adjusted medication doses due to a TikTok video, he ended up in the hospital. We should never get medical advice from someones TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media site. General medical information may be great to see there, but changing a medical dosage because someone else uses a different dose could be dangerous at best and deadly at worst. It's sad we live in a society where people will take a pill at a party because someone offers or we get advice from a non-licensed person on social media. Be careful, be smart, and see your professional for that kind of advice.

DrOliverDaily 5 Pound Frustration

We work hard to lose weight and when we weigh in see a 5 pound loss. For many of my patients they still display frustration. But 5 pounds is a lot of weight. I have a 5 pound fat model in my office and often hand it to them. When they feel the 5 pounds, they become excited. Pick up a 5 pound dumbbell or 5 pounds of flour or sugar. When you've dropped this amount of weight, you're doing well and certainly putting in the work. All you have to do now is keep it up. Get excited!