Weigh Home

“The Weigh Home” is our full medical treatment plan that only requires you to visit the office and see the physician once every 6 months. You can stay at home and be treated with the same medications that usually require a visit with the Doctor. You will still see the Doctor monthly, but through an online video visit. Your snack meals, medications, and any supplements will then be shipped directly to your home. To comply with Federal Law regarding the use of diet medication and appetite suppressants, you will need to be seen in the office initially and then every 6 months. The video visit takes place monthly in a private, encrypted, HIPAA compliant website and these medical records are treated just like any other medical document. This program was designed to meet the needs of patients who work hours that are not conducive to coming in for an office visit monthly, or for those who live far away from our office. “The Weigh Home” comes with a starter kit that includes a blood pressure monitor, our Inner Diet Psycho-logic eating evaluation, Dr. Oliver’s Book, and our full nutrition, exercise, and medical consultation treatment plan. Contact our office staff for more information about “The Weigh Home”, and how you can use this plan to become Forever Thin.