Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fast Clinical Weight Loss has 3 proven physician only programs . We offer multiple plans customized to your specific needs. This allows you to choose how to get lean.


* Before starting any dietary or weight loss program, consult your physician or licensed health care provider. Your Health Coach is not a substitute for your doctor or other health care provider.

Recent Blog Posts

Holiday Prep

The exciting Holidays are coming and this is the time of year when most people will gain 7 -12 pounds.

Willpower ?

When dropping weight we are confronted by the notion that we require vast amounts of willpower.  I think that's a myth.

Exercise and Weight Loss

Have you ever tried to lose weight by only exercising and not changing your diet? 

Your Best Weight

What weight or body size do you want to be.  In our society we are constantly shown images of very thin people ...

The Plateau

Do you become frustrated in your attempt to lose weight when you hit a point and your weight is resistant to going down?

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